Silent requieM is an indie RPG Adventure/Horror game developed by MadieB1999.


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Synopsis Edit

Silence is goldeN...

In this RPG Horror game, it's a race against the clock in order for Naomi Kan to save her best friend's spirit. But something strange is going on in the realm around her, and she, along with a shape-shifting boy called Ishi, must put a stop to the Samsara's tyranny and free the lost souls she has corrupted before Naomi becomes one of them...

This game was designed to raise an awareness and understanding of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), as well as the issues of racism, autism, and restrained freedom.

Story Edit

Part 1 Edit

The game opens with a very cryptic message; "A severe 精神疾患 known widely as 鬱病 affects 1 in 10 米国人. If not treated, 鬱病 causes 自己嫌悪, and can lead to 自傷 and even 自殺."

Naomi is then introduced, as the player's character, on a long, white bridge. Moving forward, a blue will-o'-wisp is at the end, and introduces himself as Ishi. Ishi tells her the spirits in the connected worlds, including herself, are becoming corrupted by a spell cast by The Samsara. He leads Naomi to a small room with seven crystals, each containing the worlds and memories of seven spirits.

The first pink crystal leads to Sally's memories in Monster High. By speaking with her friends, Naomi can gather information about her to remind Sally of who she really is. Sally can be confronted in the catacombs, just past her empty marionette.

The second purple crystal leads to Amarante's memories in Hyrule Castle. Amarante can be awoken from her enchanted sleep through a secret passage above her room. Upon awakening the real princess, she is kidnapped and possessed by a one-eyed demon, and can be freed by playing a song from her music-box-rabbit-doll.

The third gold crystal leads to Amy's memories in the Forest. Her old partners are trying to make a splash potion that can nullify the spell. Once the potion is complete, they and Naomi confront Amy the Tiger napping towards the end of the hedge maze to use Mega's potion.

The fourth green crystal leads to IrIDIUM's memories in the Computer Database. Naomi is accompanied by Ir's 'good' conscience RHeNIUM, appearing as a robotic butterfly. Ir and her 'bad' conscience OsMIUM confront them towards the beginning of the data, and are stopped by playing them their previously recorded songs found and saved to a Disc Drive.

The fifth blue crystal leads to Wayrin's memories in the Dream Bubbles. In order to cross the memory of an ocean, Naomi must help to fix two matesprites' broken relationship. Once there, Wayrin plays a piano by herself. She tries to kill Naomi, but is stopped and scolded by her guardians and dancestor, bringing out her true emotions.

The sixth red crystal leads to "Kitty's" memories in an unknown dimension. Naomi is greeted by the corpse of a girl with her face split in half. Her weak spirit whispers her sincere remorse for her past actions, and asks Naomi to free the six other victims, claiming that she deserves her fate more and cannot be saved. She gives her seven Student IDs, which must be returned to the correct victims. Upon freeing them, Naomi is given Kathryn's phone. By bringing this to a loose memory, she witnesses Kathryn's death and listens to the unheard phone calls from her secret admirer. "Kitty" is then confronted. However, she is not affected, and tries to kill Maomi. She is saved by Lani's spirit, who wouldn't let her hurt anyone else, and sends Naomi back to the crystal room.

Only the seventh indigo crystal awaits, and leads to The Samsara's memories. Naomi is reluctant to enter, but musters up the strength to confront her friend's death.

To be continueD....

Part 2 Edit


Soundtrack Edit

The Silent requieM soundtracK was released on Gamejolt following the release of Part 1. There are currently seven pieces of music. It is likely more will be added with the release of Part 2.

Shinitai-chaN Edit

The off-vocal version of Switch's "Shinitai-Chan." Though known in Western fandom as "Miss Wanna-Die," which is written 死にたいちゃん, the actual title is better translated as "Hopeless-Chan" as it is written しにたいちゃん. It plays as the music on the game's main menu.

The Dark woods circuS & Wide knowledge of the latE, Madness Edit

A music box medley of Machigerita-P's "Dark Woods Circus" and its prequel "Wide Knowledge of Reason, Madness" composed by JezzyDesu. The fourth story of Amarante's book is based off the first half of the arrangement, and the second half is played by winding Amarante's toy rabbit.

LynnE Edit

A music box version of Hachi's "Lynne" created by Flare. It has not played directly in the game; however, a shorter version of IrIDIUM's cover can be played in the Database.

Regret messagE Edit

A music box version of Akuno-P's "Regret Message" created by Lya Koharu. A shorter version plays while the Message in a Bottle is being sent to Visces, though it is not the same arrangement.

InsanitY Edit

A piano version of CircusP and Azuralunar's "iNSaNiTY" created by KatIchigo. A shorter version is played on the piano in the Dream Bubbles by Wayrin and Naomi (with the Sheet Music).

The Hanged girL of the Haunted housE Edit

The off-vocal version of Tohma's "The Hanged Girl in the Haunted House." It has not played directly in the game; however, the last story of Amarante's book is based on the song.

EpiloguE Edit

The off-vocal version of Nashimoto-P's "The Bitter End." It thusfar has not been used or referenced in the game.

Trivia Edit

  • This is developer MadieB1999's first publicly released game.
  • The typing of sentances with only the first and last letters capitalized is derived from an old story written by MadieB1999, "The Power of Knowledge," taking place in a dystopian society where this is how the narrator writes. This is not the only reference to this; Naomi shares the same last name as the narrator, "Kan."

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