Naomi Kan is a 16-year-old Asian-American girl who died in the hospital after a car crash. She is the main protagonist of the game.

Appearance Edit

Naomi Sprite

Naomi's sprite as of Part 1

Naomi is an Asian-American female with brown eyes and straight black hair. Her hair extends just above her shoulders, with the left half shaved off. Seeing as she died in the hospital, she is wearing a pale blue hospital gown with three ties in the back, the topmost one undone, and a white hospital identification bracelet on her left wrist that cannot be unequipped. She does not wear socks or shoes.

Personality Edit

Naomi is very friendly and caring, expressing genuine concern for the other spirits she encounters. She seems rather optimistic, wanting to see the good in people and often blindly offers her help to others. She does not seem greatly fazed by scary situations, expressing little to no discomfort around possessed dolls, strange aliens, or brutally mutilated corpses.

On the other hand, she seems a bit insecure about herself around others, often stuttering and using "uh" and "um" frequently in conversations.

Relationships Edit

Ishi Edit

At first, Naomi is a bit suspicious of Ishi, as he quickly picks up on her hinting that she wants to know why he can be trusted. After this, they become allies in freeing the spirits from the 'spell.' It is unknown why he needs Naomi, apart from her being dead while he is alive, and what he has to gain from freeing the spirits.

The Samsara Edit

Naomi has some significant bond with the Samsara, though nothing else is known as of Part 1's release. Kathryn suspects that Naomi is freeing the spirits for "someone very special in [her] life," hinting that she was someone close to her in life, and based on her reaction during her and Ishi's first conversation, is likely no longer alive. She is reluctant to enter her memories, further hinting that she knows something about her life and/or death.

Trivia Edit

  • Naomi may be an Atheist, based on a comment she makes to Alnasr.
  • Amy and Lily mistake Naomi for a Naked Mole Rat.
  • Naomi is the sixth known member of the Video Game Club, the others being Bonnie, Sally, Shannon, Blekka and Kimberly.
  • She does not seem uncomfortable kissing other girls, as she does to Amarante, but this was to awaken her and may not carry any significance.

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