"Ishi" is the nickname of a shape-shifting boy who aids Naomi through her adventure and the player through the game. He is the deuteragonist of the game.

Appearance Edit

Stone sprite

Ishi's seven appearances, including the unseen one (bottom)

Ishi first appears as a blue will-o'-wisp, explaining that his appearance changes depending on where he is because it is how "she" imagines him in different worlds. In a thus-far unused sprite, he appears to be human, with black hair, brown eyes and tanned skin the same shade as Naomi's. He wears a black and green hoodie, blue jeans and black sneakers. His hair is always spiked in the front, and he wears rectangular glasses.

In Sally's memories, he is a gargoyle with grey speckled skin, finned ears and large wings. He has two protruding lower fangs. He wears a black jacket with a pink collar over a black shirt with a green Eye of Providence. He also wears blue jeans and green shoes.

In Amarante's memories, he appears to be an elf, and wears a green and brown Hyrulian Guard uniform.

In Amy's memories, he appears as a dark grey wolf. The only thing he wears are his glasses.

In IrIDIUM's memories, his skin is paler and his hair is forest green. He wears a white collared shirt under a black uniform jacket, black slacks and black shoes.

In Wayrin's memories, his skin is a normal Alternian and his eyes are a sunken orange. His teeth are sharp, with three sticking out, and he has two generically curved horns. He wears a black t-shirt with the orange and brown Trollian logo. His pants are black and his shoes are orange. It is likely his blood is orange in this world.

In Kathryn's memories, his skin is a grey-brown. He wears a white Plague Doctor mask with hollow, black eyes. A black top hat sits on his head, and his body is draped in a back high-collared cloak.

Personality Edit

Ishi uses a fairly broad vocabulary. He speaks confidently and smoothly, even when clearly uncomfortable. He is very knowledgeable, giving Naomi advice and hints, and even blatantly breaking the fourth wall to give the player the game's controls. Despite knowing so much, he admits that he has no idea how "her worlds" work, and even gave up trying to figure it out. He does not willingly give up on his main objective, however, even though his motive for freeing the spirits is unknown as of Part 1.

Relationships Edit

Naomi Edit

Ishi urgently recruits Naomi to help him free the spirits under control. He follows her into the memories, taking different forms in each. He offers hints and tips, and even explains the game's controls to her. She was suspicious of him at first, but has come to trust him with all the help he's given thus far. It is unknown why he wants to free the spirits, or why he needs Naomi to do it, though the latter may have something to do with him being alive and unable to interact with items.

The Samsara Edit

Their relationship is unknown thus far, though they likely knew each other when she was alive, as he knows quite a bit about her and her powers.

Trivia Edit

  • Only three of seven sprites show Ishi with ears.
  • Ishi doesn't know how his glasses stay on his face.
  • "Ishi" is Japanese for "rock" or "stone." Interestingly enough, the files are named "stone."
  • Ishi is very uncomfortable in his wolf form, seemingly due to a dislike of "Furries." He likes his gargoyle form.
  • Ishi is the first living character introduced in the game, and the only one in Part 1.

Gallery Edit

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